1. Most CDI’s don’t get a lot of interpreting work in the court room

2. CDI’s fill a huge gap between hearing interpreters and deaf clients with
marginal English skills or marginal Signing skills

3. Sign language skills of CDI’s are not always better than those of
hearing interpreters – just that there are some signs used by some deaf
clients that even the best interpreters in the world do not understand!
Some deaf clients use “neighborhood” sign languages that only CDI’s
can grasp.

4. There are some deaf clients that feel more comfortable with
CDI’s as opposed to hearing interpreters. Again, not a reflection
on hearing interpreters.

5. As a rule, CDI’s meet with deaf clients to do a sign language
communications warm up session with them – before hearing
interpreters arrive. It is akin to deaf Americans doing warm up
signs with deaf foreigners to reach a sign langauge common ground
that both could understand and communicate with.