The mystery of football at St Mary’s School for the Deaf

Deaf fans that follow sports in schools for the deaf
know that St Mary’s School for the Deaf has a
soccer team. But a football team? No way! Well,
the school had a 6-man football team for
three seasons, between 1945 and 1947. In 1948,
the school dropped football for good.

How good was the football team? It was #1 among
Buffalo-area 6-man teams, with a 3-season
record of 15-1 record.

Then why was it dropped? The team was too good
that no hearing opponents wanted to play them
again. And the school was too small to move up
to 11-man football.

Did St Mary’s play against deaf opponents? No.
New York State School for the Deaf at Rome
also had a 6-man team during these years
and in 1945, they had a 6-0-1 record. It
would have been a dream match between two
unbeaten teams but it was not to be.

Do older graduates from St Mary’s remember
the football program? Somewhat vague,
without remembering it vividly!