Gary Lensbower, who only weighed 130 pounds, was
one of the top linemen with the 1959 Pennsylvania
School for the Deaf football team. It was his
only season of football play.

He wanted to play football during his earlier
high school days but doctors would not allow
him – because he had diabetes.

Coming up as a senior he begged his parents,
the school administration and the doctors
to allow him to play football. They agreed
because he was a senior and it was his
only football opportunity.

He was one of the team’s unsung heroes
on the 1959 team that only had a 3-4-1
record, but tied West Virginia (6-0-2)
22-22, and defeated American (6-1-1)
7-0 for their only defeat that season.

Gary played both ways as center and as
a defensive lineman, and was rarely
taken out of the games.

Said one admiring teammate – it was impossible
for ball carriers to go through him!