Is there such a thing as ex-deaf major league pitcher?
Bill Voiselle pitched in the majors for eight seasons
(1942 thru 1950) and had a lifetime record of

While he functioned as a hearing person, he struggled
with deafness all his life. He could not serve in
World War II because of his deafness. He could not
hear shouts by his teammates on the field. He even
missed instructions by the manager and as a result,
the angry manager fined him $500.00. Luckily
for him, the fine was cancelled.


When not playing baseball he wore a hearing aid,
always taking it off while playing. He often
joked aobut his deafness, not having to hear
insults by fans (and even the booing).


When he retired from baseball, he went to a
doctor and was told that an otosclerosis
operation would correct his hearing problem.


The operation was a success and he no longer
was a deaf person!