Gallaudet’s first baseball game since restarting
this sport in 1965 was played on an intramural
softball field!

Gallaudet was scheduled to host Johnson State
College (Vermont) in the first game of the season.

The Gallaudet baseball field was “new” – erected in
1959 but was not used for baseball play until
the 1965 team was established. It was not able to
withstand the rain on the morning of the game.
The infield and the pitcher’s mound was soft and

Across from the baseball field was an intramural
softball field – which was firm and playable
despite steady all-day rains. The Gallaudet
grounds crew hurried in getting the softball
field ready for baseball play.

They did a good job, and it helped that the rains
stopped in the afternoon. The game was played as
scheduled. Johnson State defeated Gallaudet
9-2, but everyone was glad that the game was

Never again would Gallaudet play on intramural
softball fields!