There was a Gallaudet miracle basketball win so
unbelievable, against George Mason University.
Gallaudet defeated George Mason 91-88 in three overtimes
in January 1970.
So, what was the big deal? Seven Gallaudet players fouled
out in the game, leaving the team with just three players
on the floor with 4:21 remaining in the third overtime.
Dennis Berrigan, Herman Buckman and Johnny Samuels, the
remaining players, formed a “diamond” defense and held on
to win the game against GMU’s 5 players. Gallaudet actually
increased the lead to 89-78 with 1:50 remaining and just
hung on for the prized win.
And why was the win so significant? It was Gallaudet’s
only win of the season. And it was coach John Kaleta’s
only collegiate basketball win. He only coached Gallaudet
basketball one season.
George Mason ultimately got their revenge win,
crushing Gallaudet 115-56 in the last game of season.