Gallaudet started its men’s soccer program in 1958. But
up to the 1961 season, the team never won a game. Gallaudet
played Georgetown in 1961 and were trailing 3-1 at half time.
Coach Sulieman Bushnaq was so disgusted with the team’s
play that he left the team at half time and took a
seat up in the stadium and watched the rest of the game
as a fan.

Being ignored by the head coach had an effect on the
Gallaudet team, and they rallied for three second
half goals to defeat Georgetown 4-3 for the first
time-ever win in men’s soccer history! This magical
moment worked because the players coached themselves
and cooperated together to make second half

Come the 1962 season, Bushnaq tried the same trick
against the same Georgetown team. It didn’t work as
Georgetown won 3-1.