Gallaudet suffered an embarrassing football defeat by
the score of 45-0.

One season during the 1950’s, North Carolina School
for the Deaf (NCSD), then a powerhouse in deaf schools
football, challenged the Gallaudet preparatory
class to a football game.

The preps never had a football team but there were
prep students that played football during their
deaf school days. Without thinking too hard about
it, Gallaudet agreed to have its prep team play
against NCSD. With only a few practice sessions,
the preps thought they were ready to play NCSD.

How wrong they were! And word got around that
NCSD defeated Gallaudet in a football game,
never mind it was just a prep team and not a
varsity team. Said an angry Gallaudet varsity
quarterback – it was a very embarrassing
moment for us.