Gallaudet plays NCAA-III level football which does
not permit spring practice scrimmages. Years ago, NCAA was not
so strict. Yet, Gallaudet rarely had spring football
practices in the past years due to lack of manpower,
not wanting to poach their football players from these
spring season teams.


One year – 1967 – Gallaudet had full scrimmage
spring practices under coach Gary Klingensmith.
The participants were half-veterans, half-rookies
with no football experience. He wanted a scrimmage
against the alumni. Because it was last minute,
only 13 alumni players could be rounded up.


Long on experience despite being short on
conditioning and practices, the alumni pushed
Gallaudet around, leading 18-12 right up to
beginning of the fourth quarter (punts and
kickoffs were not permitted). Eventually the
alumni team ran out of gas and Gallaudet rallied
to win the game 24-18.


Some the alumni players were Jim Macfadden,
Ray Parks, Ed Gobble, John Milford, Jim
Inwood, Herb Mapes, Art Roehrig and Gerard
Winalski (who was thrown out of game for repeated
roughness). The ejection left the alumni team
with just 12 players, and they all were exhausted.


The alumni team even included two players that
never played Gallaudet football!


It was the first and the last time Gallaudet
played the alumni to a football game!