From time to time we read stories of emergency goalies
in the NHL. Well, Gallaudet hockey club once won
a game without an emergency goalie!

Joe Kirk, the regular goalie, never showed up for the game
(he never missed a game in his entire career as Gallaudet
goalie, but in that one game, he didn’t show up)

Gallaudet had no back up goalie, much less an
emergency goalie.

Instead they inserted one defenseman as the game goalie
(without his goalie gear). Instead of playing freewheeling
hockey, the five players on the ice played strict man to man,
never straying afar from their opponents even when Gallaudet had
the puck possession. During ice shifts, the players were
constantly telling each other who to play man to man. They
just couldn’t risk giving up fast-break goals against
an emergency goalie not wearing a goalie gear.

It helped as Gallaudet won 4-2 over a weak team that they
would ordinarily blow them off the ice.

The next game Kirk showed up for play and things went
back to normal.

This game took place in the late sixties. Gallaudet had
a successful club hockey team that lasted from mid-sixties
through mid-seventies.