Denny Guinn, a Canadian, was a national collegiate
champion that Gallaudet never knew about!


To win the national championship, he defeated
contenders from 22 different colleges, including
Navy, Army, Air Force, Oregon State, Ohio State,


This sport was Pistol shooting. His championship
in 1989, ended a long time domination by
these service academies.


He came from a family of Pistol shooters
in Canada – and when he enrolled at Gallaudet,
he looked around for shooting facilities.
He even requested setting up a facility at a
basement in a safe building on the campus.
Horrified Gallaudet turned him down. Fortunately
he found a local facility where he could
practice shooting on a regular basis.


Was Gallaudet thrilled by their own
national champion? No – the only mention
of his accomplishment was a tiny announcement
in USA Today and in the Washington Post!


So, for the sake of posterity, Gallaudet can
always say they had a national champion, even
if it was not acknowledged.