Dr Edwin Nies, a 1911 Gallaudet graduate, was a
dentist for many years, serving both hearing and
deaf patients in New York City.

When he applied for admission into the University
of Pennsylvania Dental School, he never told the
admissions office of his deafness, just that he
graduated with a BA from Gallaudet University.

They didn’t realize Gallaudet was for deaf students,
thinking it was just a small private college in
Washington, DC. After they accepted his application,
they realized Nies was deaf – and turned him down.

Nies had many friends and contacts in Philadelphia;
they all liked him and felt he was bright and
capable. And some of them had contacts with administrators
at University of Pennsylvania. They were able to influence
the administrators to reconsider their rejection, thus
accepting him for the second time.

After he graduated, he started his practice in 1918
and continued right up to the late sixties.

If not for his Philadelphia friends, Nies would have
entered a different profession!