Many people, both deaf and hearing, say that a deaf person
cannot become an ice cream vendor, driving a truck, selling
ice cream through neighborhoods. Reason is that children
are always screaming for their ice cream truck to stop
and serve them.


Max Sallop, a deaf man, drove his own ice cream truck
through the neighbhorhoods of Lynn, MA for over 30 years,
making it a lucrative living. At one time he owned
three ice cream trucks – one for himself and two for
his sons. And he often leased these trucks to hearing


The waiting line of children, all hearing, were always
long at each ice cream stop. It didn’t matter to these
children that Max was deaf and communicated in ASL. All
they wanted was their ice cream.


To communicate with the children or if they had
“complicated” orders, Max would refer to the chart
on the side of the truck and tell them to point to
what they wanted.


He was still driving his own truck right through the
age of 80! He passed away not too many years ago.


Incidentally Max was the father of Marvin, the
former superintendent of Texas School for the Deaf.