In the early nineties, there was a football game between
Georgia School for the Deaf and Alabama School for the Deaf.

Since both schools were in neighboring states, rivalry
was always heated.

Alabama led 6-0. Georgia had the ball near the Alabama
goal line. The Georgia 275-lb fullback pointed at the
Alabama defense and dared them to stop him. The Alabama
defensive line was torn to shreds as the fullback
barreled through for the game-tying touchdown.

For the one-point attempt that would decide the game,
the center snap went bad – the holder had to leap high
to get the snap, and there was no time to set up the
ball neatly on the ground for the kick.

Instead the placekicker “pushed” (not kicked) the
ball – and it went through the goal posts. Instead of
a 6-6 tie, Georgia won 7-6, and with it, the National
11-man Team of the Year honors.

Both schools no longer play against each other.