Did you know that –

Jamie Clark, a Gallaudet graduate, founded an internet service
provider (ISP) business in Ellicott City, Maryland in April 1993.
It was the Baltimore area’s first ISP and the second ISP in
the state. The operations were originally based in a barn on
the Clark family farm. At its peak it had 20,000 dial up customers
and the company had 80 employees, many of them deaf. It was during
the primitive days of internet when access was telephone dial up.
The company constantly received media coverage, locally and
nationally. When internet access evolved from dial up to web access,
the company fortunes were impacted – and it was sold to Verio
in 1997, which in turn sold it to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone
in 2000. In due time, the company, sold twice, ceased to exist.
When DeafDigest started operations in 1996, it used the ClarkNet