lawrence-buchholz-petitioned into-hall-of-fame

Lawrence Buchholz was a captain and a star with the
powerhouse 1944 Iowa School for the Deaf football
team. It was one of the 16 football teams in the
state that finished unbeaten that season.

Few years ago, in 2014, The ISD Foundation – The Hall
of Fame Committee committed a blunder, telling
Lawrence that he was inducted into the Hall of
Fame – only to tell him it was a misunderstanding!

Because it was so embarrassing, a petition was
circulated to ask the Hall of Fame committee
for a special meeting (and a re-vote). The
petition was successful. Not only Lawrence
was inducted, but the entire 1944 football
team was!

Why wasn’t he inducted at so late in life,
waiting every year only to be disappointed
was an issue that DeafDigest Sports does
not know why.