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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 16, 2010

This is the latest short, no-ads, Mid-Week edition.

Enjoy reading it.

– number of students taking ASL classes grow fast and faster

According to the Modern Language Association of America, ASL
is the fourth most popular language in the classroom.

Look at this growth in number of ASL students:

1990 – 1,602
1995 – 4,304
1998 – 11,420
2002 – 60,781
2006 – 78,829
2009 – 91,763


– Speed Dating at Gallaudet !

Speed Dating among the hearing has been going on for
a while.

What about Deaf Speed Dating? This event took place recently
at Gallaudet.

The rules?
Just one rule – speaking is not permitted

All of these Speed Daters were deaf? No. There were some
hearing Speed Daters, but they all had to sign.

The disadvantage was that there were too many nosey
people on the campus that were curious as to what was
going on!


– a deaf uniformed officer, with K-9 dog, deals with agricultural
products at the Philadelphia Airport

If you happen to be at the Philadelphia Airport, be on the
look out for Melissa Wallace, a deaf woman who is an
uniformed agent with the US Customs & Border Protection Patrol.
She deals with agricultural products in the airplane
cargo section


– Back and forth between Chef and ASL interpreter

Rena Hobbs, a Coda fluent with ASL, is a chef at
the Heritage Hotel Resort and Conference Center
at Southbury, CT.

The Deaf Women of New England Conference took
place at the hotel last week. She then became
the conference interpreter.

When the conference ended, she went back to her
regular job as the hotel chef!

If you are at that hotel and order fish tacos,
these were cooked to perfection by her.


– another race for Luke Adams and his mother

Last year deaf Luke Adams and his mother appeared on
the TV show, The Amazing Race.

Luke became quickly popular among the deaf people
that watched this TV program.

While he and his mother did not win, they may be
invited to race again. There is a new program called
“Unfinished Business” and there is much talk in the
media that Luke and his mother will be part of that


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