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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 22, 2010


a 5-year old deaf kid giving Santa Claus his special wish

5-year old deaf child Antonio Sarnelli, of Jacksonville, Florida,
sat on Santa Claus’ lap and gave him his special wish.

What was that special wish?

A cochlear implant!


A deaf employee of a hospital makes hearing patients happy

Arturo Reyes, a deaf landscaper with the Sharp Grossmont Hospital
in San Diego, has his way of making hearing patients happy.

He cuts flower boquets from the hospital gardens and personally
delivers these to the patients in their rooms.

Arturo’s supervisor said the patients feel great about getting
these flower boquets.


What is the NAD asking Netflix to do?

* caption all Watch Instantly videos
* create quick search access for other captioned videos
* set reasonable fee rates

NAD urges you to email Catherine Fisher, Director,
Communications, Netflix, Inc with your concerns.
Her email address is


Marlee Matlin wants more deaf episodes on CSI

We have CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the
CSI: Miami and the CSI: NY, but Marlee wants
more deaf episodes to come up after the
Feb. 3rd episode of The Two Mrs. Grissoms.

Marlee has her supporters that agree with her
on more deaf episides within the CSI programs.


Hearing actor Steve Landesberg passes away;
he made history with a deaf character on a
TV episode

Steve Landesberg, the detective on the
famed captioned TV series Barney Miller,
has passed away. The series was popular
during the early eighties as one of the
earliest captioned TV programs.

In one Barney Miller episode, he arrested
a deaf woman for soliciting. That deaf
woman was acted by Phyllis Frelich. And
at the end of the story the deaf woman was
set free. Landesberg, as the cop, then
asked her out for a date!

It was probably the first time that a
TV story included a hearing character
ask a deaf character for a date.

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