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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 29, 2010

– a big thrill for a deaf 14-year old sugar cane cutter
in Fiji

Aselemo Drotini, a 14-year old deaf boy from Fiji,
is a sugar cane cutter. The money he earns supports his
hearing family. Two hearing women from Australia were so impressed
with his work ethic, that they decided to give him a Holiday
Season gift – a free airplane ride from one island to another
island in Fiji.


– the “Annie” non-captioned movie in Texas interpreted
by sign language students

the sign language students at Houston Community College, for
their final exam, had to stand up and interpret the full “Annie”

Watching the movie, and the interpreting, was the students’
toughest critics – the deaf audience.

Not only the students had to interpret, they had to dress up for
characters in the film – Daddy Warbucks, in black tuxedo and
the orphans in gray or white shirts.

And these interpreters had to play out the music in the film.


– a fat Texas ex-governor tries to play deaf

Jim Hogg was a popular governor of Texas (1890-1895). He was not deaf.
And he was fat, weighing over 300 lbs.

He loved to play jokes. After he finished his term as the governor,
he went to New York on a business trip. Before his business meeting,
he went to a shoe stand to have his shoes shined.

The bootblack loved to talk. Hogg was not in the mood to talk and
told the bootblack, in gestures, that he was deaf. The bootblack
shut up.

A little boy came to the bootblack to sell him a newspaper.
The bootblack told the little boy not to talk to Hogg because of
his “deafness”.

The kid said:

Well, say, he’s a fat old hog, ain’t he?

Hogg heard the word “hog” which was pronounced the same as his
last name! Hogg had to shut up.


– a deaf student wins microcomputer car racing contest

The Japan Microcomputer Car Contest took place at Sapporo
two weeks ago.

Hearing students from 23 high schools in the Sapporo area
took part in the race. Almost 190 microcomputer cars were
entered in the race that is the lenth of half of the
football field.

The #1 winner was Ueda Yuki. He is deaf.

He will be entered in the national contest next month against
winners of other Japanese regions.


– an interpreter in trouble with the boss

An interpreter got into trouble with her boss, and it has nothing
to do with Code of Ethics.

Rather, the boss told the interpreter to leave her work with
the first deaf client and to go to another deaf client.

The interpreter refused because her work with the first client
was not finished (2 hour interpreting assignment)

The boss accused the interpreter of disobedience!


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