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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 16, 2011

— Did Marlee Matlin break her own captioning rule?

Famous deaf actress Marlee Matlin requires captions
on all of her TV and movie performances. Well,
there was a YouTube presentation – “Hollywood
Laundry” that she had a role. And it was not


— First living beings on earth were deaf!

A research team from the University of Southern
Denmark said that all hearing people on earth
came from the deaf! The first living being
on earth, 385 million years, ago was the deaf
lungfish. Since then, the lungfish evolved into
many different types of living beings, including
different animals, hearing human beings and
deaf human beings.

— Will sign language continue forever or will it die?

In 1880, people said Sign Language will die because of
the Milan Convention that did not allow it in the
classrooms. It never died. Yet there are two sides.
The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) is afraid sign
language will die. But China feels sign language
will never die. WFD hosted a 21-nation conference,
discussing how to protect sign language. China wants
to make sign language perfect for its deaf people!
So, will sign language continue or will it die?
DeafDigest says Sign Language will never die!

— A deaf woman cycling on the street

Anni Leigh, a deaf Australian woman, loves to go cycling
on the streets. Cars, however, have almost hit her
and her cycle several times. What did she do? She wrote
the word “deaf” in capital letters on the back of her vest.
As a result, these reckless drivers have respected her
and have been careful with her!

— RIT says Deaf Brain not same as Hearing Brain

Deaf Brain same or different from Hearing Brain?
Peter Hauser, RIT’s deaf neuropsychologist, wanted
to know. He experimented with over 1,000 people to
see if the brain adapts, or ignores, our deafness!
He said yes, there is a Deaf Brain and a Hearing Brain.

To take a look at Peter’s brain, visit:

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