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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition,  December 7, 2011

— A deaf couple kicked out of apartment for being too noisy

In Germany, a deaf couple was kicked out of the apartment
for being too noisy. Yes, deaf people may sometimes make
more noise than hearing people. But in the couple’s case,
it was their fault! The deaf couple turned on music
full blast every night because they wanted to feel the
vibrations! Luckily for them the city officials found
another apartment for them. The couple said they have
learned their lesson and not turn on music full blast

— 200 text messages to complete a divorce case

Wang Hong and Zhang Hai, deaf spouses, wanted to get
divorced in China. Because of problems with interpreters
and with communications in a courthouse in Tianjin,
the judge allowed them to use text pagers. After 200
text messages back and forth, the judge then granted
the couple a divorce!

— A deaf choreographer of a hearing dance group

The most important person in a dance group is the
choregrapher. He arranges the dancers’ movements
on the stage to work with the music. Everything
must be perfect. If anything messes up, it is
the choregrapher’s fault. Impossible for a deaf
person to be a choregrapher? Well, in London,
Chisato Minamimura, a deaf woman, who cannot
follow music, is a successful choreographer and
has been nominated for awards. How does she do it?
She said music is visual for her. And her methods
are somewhat of a mystery, but it works!

— Marriage between the deaf and the deaf

Marriages between the deaf and the deaf are pretty
much common and accepted in USA and everywhere in
most of the world. Not that so in Saudi Arabia!
This nation looks down on the disabled people,
the deaf included – and even worse, looks down
on marriage between the deaf and the deaf. This
is why DeafDigest is grateful that we are
Americans and are free to do what we want to do.

— The best makeup artist in Boston is deaf

Liana Carlan, a deaf woman, won the Boston Makeup
Artist of the Year honor. She will be entered in the
National Makeup Artist of the Year competition, with
other regional makeup artist winners. Exactly what is
a makeup artist? It is a person that works with the
human body to make performers look good for the
theater, TV, movies, fashion, magazine pictures, etc.
Also if you see a Frankenstein in a movie, it is the
makeup artist that does a lot of work.


— position opening
Program Director
Pressley Ridge School for the Deaf
Pittsburgh, PA

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