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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 8, 2012


— A Girl Scout troop shuts down to avoid interpreter costs!

Juliette Low, a deaf woman, founded the Girl Scouts and
died in 1927. If she was alive today she would have been
shocked. A Chicago area girl scout troop went out of business.
This troop did not want to pay for an interpreter for
their deaf member! The Girl Scouts of the USA, a wealthy
organization, can easily pay for the interpreter, but
will not!

— New uses for old, beaten up hearing aid molds

Many of us that wore hearing aids also needed ear molds.
When molds wear out, we get new molds and throw out the
old molds. Well, in Kenya, old molds are given to
deaf kids at deaf schools! Gross? Yes, to us, but not
to these deaf Kenyans!



— A deaf balloon artist in Iowa

Ricky Rowray is deaf and lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
He is well known for his tricks and skills while making
balloons into bears, flowers, fishing pole, etc.
Everyone loves watching him perform these balloon tricks.
And he often performs alone without interpreters, as the
audience understands his gestures and his body language


— Do deaf people really want to be truck drivers?

There has been a push to get the government to allow
the deaf to drive trucks across state lines. This is fine,
but there are pros and cons!

1. big demand for truck drivers
2. average pay is $40,000-$60,000 per year (some jobs pay higher)

1. must pay $6,000 to attend truck driving school (will VR pay?)
2. big risk driving 80,000 pound trucks without voice devices
3. lonely lifestyle, no social life, uncomfortable bed in back
4. heavy pressure to keep up with trucking routes

Driving trucks is a very tough job for a hearing person, let alone
a deaf person!


— A new deaf comic book coming out soon

A new comic book is coming out. The name is Signs And Voices.
The characters are 4 Deaf Heroes with a Deaf King. Where
will the comic book be sold? Sorry, not in USA, but in
Great Britain!

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