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DeafDigest Weekend Special edition, September 28, 2012

— A needle inserted into the eyes of two deaf people

Tim Crump had a needle inserted into his eye. He said
it feels not too bad. He is deaf and has Usher syndrome.
Soon, his sister Chelsea, also deaf and also with
Usher syndrome, will have a needle inserted into her eye.
These needles deliver DNA into their eyes. It is a gene
therapy that doctors at the Oregon Health & Science
University feel may possibly help them defeat Usher
snydrome. This is why Tim and Chelsea were not scared
of needles into their eyes.



— Deaf audience at a theater seeing cops making an arrest

At Malawi, during Deaf Awareness event, two hearing
comedians were performing on stage, acting as
“police officers” with toy guns. Suddenly the real
police came on the stage and arrested these two fake
“police officers.” Why? They thought the toy guns
were real guns. Fortunately for these comedians,
the police let them go after some questioning!
Even with interpreters the deaf audience were
shocked at what they saw!



— A big reward at Olympics for a deaf person

During the London Olympics and Paralympics,
the British hosts hired 50 student chefs from a
culinary program at a college. Their jobs were to
serve meals for these hungry athletes. One of
these student chefs was Ryan Easton, who is deaf.
He prepared meals that were so delicious that
when the Olympics ended, he was given a job
as a chef at a London restaurant!

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