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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 19, 2012


— New York says deaf cannot become barbers!

Justine Liss, a deaf woman, wants to become a barber,
and to own her barber shop some day. She moved from New York
to Pennsylvania because a New York barber school told her deaf
cannot become a barber. She enrolled at the Carbondale Barber
School, even though she had no money to pay for tuition. Mike
Caporali, the school owner, allowed her to enroll, even though
he had no luck finding tuition money for her. He said she is doing
very well and will easily pass the state barbering exam.


— Hearing students use sign language to save their school

The Yaldhurst Model School in New Zealand is supposed to merge
with another school. The hearing students did not want to merge.
They made several sign language videos and plan to post these
on the internet. Sign language? Yes, they learned sign language
to communicate with a deaf student that attends the school.


— a second chance at NFL for a deaf football player

Derrick Coleman, who is deaf, played football at UCLA as a
running back and was signed by Minnesota Vikings in the
pre-season. The team cut him in the summer time. Just recently,
Seattle Seahawks signed Derrick to their practice roster. Will
he be promoted to the active roster this season? Hard to say.



— an employer’s anti-deaf attitude

One employer said:
– we are not a social service
– we have no time to train the deaf how to do the job
– we have no money to train the deaf
– deaf people cannot work well
– deaf people have communication problems
– deaf people cannot keep up with new technology

This attitude is terrible. Where in USA did that
anti-deaf employer made these comments?
Nope, not in USA, but in Australia! We are lucky
to be Americans.


— the Forevermark diamond and the deaf

the Forevermark diamond is popular in China, Hong Kong, India
and Japan. It is part of the famous De Beers diamond empire.
Anyway, at the Forevermark factory in Botswana, there are 220
employees, and about 45 of them are deaf. One of them is
Edwin Mabote, a factory supervisor of hearing employees.
These deaf employees work on the polishing of diamonds to
make these look perfect. Unfortunately these Deaf Diamonds
are not available in USA.


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