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DeafDigest Holiday Season edition, December 21, 2012

– Cost for deafness genetics testing

If a hearing person wants to test his genetics to see if
he has deaf genes – or – if a deaf couple wants to see if
their newborn child will be or will not be deaf, what is
the cost? A genetics testing company, called 23andMe, would
charge just $99.00


– a deaf agency shuts down a TTY line

How many of us really use the TTY? Yes, the old fashioned
TTY machine? Well, the Division for Rehabilitative Services,
Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (DARS) in
Texas, will be shutting down its TTY number on May 1, 2013.
Why? Too few deaf people use it to contact DARS for anything!



– a deaf hairdresser that communicates with dogs and cats

Mandy Carr, a deaf British woman, is a hairdresser.
Her second job is to communicate with dogs and cats
and to tell the owners what they are feeling (happy or
sad or angry or disappointed, etc). A joke? Well, she
charges about $130 for her services and she has served
1,500 clients so far this year. The irony? She has no
pets at home – because her family is allergic!



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