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DeafDigest Pre-Inauguration special, January 18, 2013


— the Navy SEAL training program with the deaf

the Navy SEALs is an elite unit with the US Navy,
assigned to perform dangerous military assignments.
Could a deaf person become a Navy SEAL? Well,
a group of Gallaudet students went through a
real SEAL training program. Navy wanting the
deaf to become SEALs? No. It was the Gallaudet
baseball team that went through a tough 3-day
SEAL drills. Why? Coach Curtis Pride felt it
would be the best way to unite the team, mentally
and physically for the upcoming baseball season.

— be careful with “I Love You” sign

Many people, including hearing” use the “I Love
You” sign. But we have to be careful with it!
Why? Because this sign is an insult to people in
Argentina, Cuba, Italy, Spain and Uruguay! Something
like a dirty sign that we do not know about.

— a deaf chef on TV food show

There are many food and cooking shows on TV. All
these chefs are hearing. We have many talented deaf
chefs but for some reason they are not getting their
TV opportunities in USA. It is different in Australia.
Chef Bonny Porter is deaf and she is one of the star
chefs in the new Australian TV food show –
MasterChef: The Professionals.

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