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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 6, 2013

— A deaf question in a Jeopardy program

Jeopardy had a deaf question, and the answer was “What
are Girl Scout cookies?” It was about Savannah, GA not
permitting Girl Scout cookies to be sold on the city
streets in 2011. After so many complaints, the city council
changed its mind and allowed cookie sales. How is it
deaf-related? Juliette Gordon Low, a deaf woman, founded
the Girl Scouts in 1912.



— These Super Bowl ads

We, the deaf, complain every year that not every Super Bowl
ad is captioned. Yet there was a big newspaper story about
some Super Bowl advertisers that go broke and go out of
business. Maybe this is the reason why some of them don’t
caption their ads. After paying millions of dollars on
an ad, there is no more money for captions! Hard to
believe? Yes!



— Dangerous for deaf to deliver mail?

Is it dangerous for a deaf person to deliver mail?
It should not be – but Graham Duff, a deaf mailman
in Fife, a small town in Scotland, was bitten by a
dog. He could not hear the dog barking and was bit.
The police has given the owner a ticket for allowing
dog to run loose. Duff, still upset, has not delivered
mail since then. We have heard many stories of dogs
chasing mailmen. But this one about the deaf is the
first DeafDigest has known about.



— A deaf person not allowed to race horses?

A deaf man from Ontario, Canada wants to become a
horse racing jockey. He enrolled at a horse racing
school to learn to become a jockey. The school said
deafness was not a problem, but later changed its
mind. The case is now with the Ontario human
rights commission. Rick Macomber, a deaf man,
races horses in Indiana but it is trotters,
not thoroughbreds, two different types of races.



— Forbes Magazine honors a person that works with the deaf

Forbes Magazine is a popular magazine for important
people in business and politics. Every year this
magazine announces top honors for business people and
politicians. In the past people that are deaf or
work with deaf have never been honored until this year.
Ohki Junto san, not deaf, is the president of ShuR Group
in Japan. This agency helps the deaf with their needs.
Forbes has honored him as one of the Top 30 people in
the world under age of 30.



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