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 — Deaf woman, arrested on drunk driving, loses her case

DeafDigest mentioned a past case of deaf woman, arrested on
drunk driving, trying to get her case dismissed due to no
interpreter. The judge ruled against the deaf woman, saying
that communications by written notes was enough. The woman’s
attorney plans to appeal the judge’s ruling. This court
hearing took four hours, which is very long!

— Discrimination against deaf doctors

There is much discrimination against deaf patients in
doctors’ offices. What about deaf doctors? Yes, much
discrimination! Says who? Says Philip Zazove, a deaf
physician. The University of California Davis Health
System printed a special report about this issue. While
the report did not say how many deaf doctors do we have,
the estimate is between 75-100. And many of them said
they deal with discrimination while working with hearing
people in the medical profession.

— The deaf and the Red Bull

Red Bull is a famous energy drink company. Many of us know
about a famous deaf racer Ashley Fiolek. She is sponsored by
the Red Bull. But how many of us know that Red Bull is
sponsoring a team coached by a deaf man! Mick Fanning,
not deaf, is a two time world surfing champion and his
surf team is sponsored by the Red Bull. Fanning’s coach
is Andy King, an Australian, who is deaf.

— DEAF in India

In USA, many deaf people identify themselves as Capital D
Deaf. What about India? There is DEAF. Really deaf? No,
it is Depositor Education & Awareness Fund, which
explains how to make bank deposits. But many hearing
people laugh at DEAF. They say DEAF is deaf to the
real banking needs!

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