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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 22, 2013


— why were deaf truck drivers banned in the past?

In the past, US Department of Transportation (DOT) would not allow
deaf truck drivers. Because of deafness? Yes, but deaf people drive
cars with best safety records. We also have deaf auto racers; some
won races. Also deaf motorcyclists. So, why no deaf truck drivers?
DOT was afraid deaf can’t see ambulance, fire and police sirens
and tailgating cars. Also can’t hear if engine is bad.
The DOT knew we can see better than hearing truckers. We hope
DOT will allow more future deaf truck drivers.


— Louisiana governor opposes 2 cent cell phone fees for relay services

Louisiana is broke; governor Bobby Jindal wants state to pay $1 million
for state relay services. He was angry that the House passed a bill to
charge cell phone users 2 cents per month for state relay services.
Why is Jindal angry? He thinks 2 cents per month is not right!


— bullying a girl because of deaf sister!

Elena Delle Donne, not deaf, is one of the world’s best women
basketball players. She will be playing for the Chicago Sky
team in the Women’s NBA. She said when she was growing up,
her classmates bullied her and made fun of her. Why? Because
Elena’s sister, Lizzie, is deaf, blind and with cerebral palsy.
Some hearing children can be very cruel! Elena said the
bullying was hurtful!


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