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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 17, 2013



— advice from a police officer that is also ASL interpreter

Eric Mathers, a Lakeland, Florida, police officer, is also ASL
interpreter. He gave this advice if police stops deaf drivers for
any reason:

1. be calm
2. make eye contact
3. point to your ear
4. ask for pen and pad
5. turn on lights inside the car
6. don’t hide your hands
7. show the deafness card on dashboard visor

— a fire at a school for the deaf

A school for the deaf was on fire; much of property and
stuff were lost. The school said a bad electrical connection
was the cause of the fire. But the police and fire officials
suspect it was arson. The school was in middle of a local
scandal involving a recent election. The school is Kuja
Special School for the Deaf in Rongo, Kenya.

— airport personnel learning sign language

Airports can be one big confusing scene; lost luggage,
missed airline connections, confusing video displays,
passport and visa issues, etc. Angry hearing passengers
and angry deaf passengers mixed together. One airport
is trying to make things easier for deaf passengers
by having its people learn sign language. Where is
that airport? Sorry, not in USA, but it is the
Erzincan airport in Turkey! Hint – why not these
big American airports in big American cities?




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