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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 20, 2013

— deaf school student is also a volunteer firefighter

Tim Smith is a senior at Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind.
When at home at Gordonsville, VA, he serves as the town volunteer
firefighter. He takes firefighting classes and has completed his
Community Emergency Response Team training classes. It is a family
tradition as his father and his brother are volunteer firefighters.
After he graduates he will continue with more firefighting classes
and hopes to take up more of firefighting responsibilities.



— hating the caption glasses

A deaf moviegoer told DeafDigest editor he hated the Caption
Glasses! Why? He said his head cannot be moved during the
showing; if head is moved, then captions are “lost”. And he
complains that his nose and head hurts badly because of the
heavy Caption Glasses!



— people become interpreters for a good reason

A story was run a Michigan newspaper about an
interpreter. He said interpreting is recession-proof
because of the need for ASL among the deaf. Do keep in
mind, auto industry jobs in Michigan have disappeared,
forcing young hearing people to look for other jobs.



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