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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 22, 2013

— India’s beggars telling people they were deaf

In Mokokchung, India, a town of 30,000 people, two beggars, telling
people they were deaf, collected 40,000 ruppees ($722 in USA money)
in few hours. The police, suspecting they were faking their deafness,
arrested them. Just for few hours, $722 is a lot of money.



— Facebook is the best way for one deaf person

An oral deaf person grew up frustrated, not knowing ASL to communicate
with the deaf, and also struggling with lipreading to communicate with
the hearing. He is now happy – thanks to Facebook. He says Facebook
is perfect for deaf people like him – wanting to mix with deaf and with
the hearing.



— Attorneys must learn sign language?

Must attorneys learn sign language to communicate with
deaf clients? The Royal Association for Deaf (in Great Britain)
feels that if attorneys learn five new signs per day, they will
know enough to communicate with deaf clients. DeafDigest feels
it is better to use interpreters.



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