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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 24, 2013

— a deaf winner on a TV show

The Price is Right is a popular TV show. Only just recently,
Eddie Buck, who is deaf, was a winner. He had an interpreter
with him throughout the program. Is he the first deaf winner
or the only deaf winner on this TV program? Do not know!



— a deaf surgeon in Spain

There was a deaf surgeon in Spain. A surgeon that operates on
people? This deaf surgeon worked in the 16th century, but the
job was different from today’s surgeons. In these early days
surgeons were also barbers that used their sharp tools to do
some medical operations. And that job did not require a college
degree. That deaf surgeon was the father of Miguel de Cervantes
who wrote the very famous book – Don Quixote!



— a city surprised by a “Deaf Child” request

Rio Grande City, Texas is a small town of 14,000 people.
A mother of a deaf child asked the city to put up a
“Deaf Child” sign in front of her house. The city people
did not know what to do. Why? Because it was the first
time someone from that city asked for that sign. The
mother had to wait two weeks before the city finally put
up the sign. How much did the sign cost? Just $100.



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