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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 24, 2013


— a deaf football coach uses video relay with hearing players

Kevin Bella, who is deaf, formerly coached football at California School
for the Deaf at Fremont. Last fall he became a defensive coordinator at
Mission San Jose HS where all of his players are hearing. He uses
gestures to communicate during practices – but something was missing.
To discuss something more important that gestures would not cover, he
uses the video relay from his home to discuss things with his players.
Possibly Bella’s successful use of video relay would encourage more
hearing teams to hire deaf coaches! There have been deaf coaches that
wanted to coach hearing teams but face hiring discrimination.




— can we lipread interpreters’ lips on video relay?

Can we lipread interpreters’ lips on video relay? This is what
the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) wants to know.
This organization will be conducting a survey at its convention
in Portland, Oregon this week. HLAA does not oppose use of sign
language; many HLAA members are late deafened.



— A deaf group cancels its annual camping event

The High Desert Association of the Deaf in California has
canceled its annual camping trip. Why? The equipment that is
needed to set up the camp site was stolen! The stuff was inside
a truck. A thief stole the truck. The most important stuff that
was stolen was lights that are needed at nights so campers can
see each other. The police is looking into the theft.



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