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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 24, 2013

— a 13-year prison term for former Deaflympics official

Jaromir Ruda, former Slovak Deaflympics chairperson, was sentenced
to 13 years in prison. His crime? Pocketing $2.1 million dollars,
that was supposed to be used for 2008 Deaflympics, hosted by his
Slovak nation. Because the funds were missing, the Deaflympics
was cancelled – a black mark in the history of Deaf Sports.


— why Southwest Airlines does not caption their movies?

Few weeks ago Kenneth S Rothschild emailed Southwest Airlines
asking why their inflight movies are not captioned. Their response:

Currently Row 44, our inflight wi-fi provider, is working with the streaming
provider to find a solution to be able to caption movies and TV. Due to a
glitch, we are not yet there in providing captioning but hope to be able to
have it enabled soon

Glitch? DeafDigest does not believe Southwest Airlines


— Kentucky School for the Deaf owes Centre College $6,000

Someone from Kentucky School for the Deaf (KSD) checked out a book
from the Centre College library in 1828. The book was never returned.
Just this week someone found that book on the deaf school campus.
It was returned to the libary. The fine for the overdue book is $6.000.
Will KSD pay for it? Probably not because Centre College will probably
laugh it off.




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