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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, July 26, 2013

— India’s national deaf tennis champion wins lawsuit

Parul Gupta won the national India deaf women’s tennis championship,
qualifying her for the Deaflympics. India would not allow her to
go to Deaflympics. Her angry father filed a lawsuit. The Delhi High
Court agreed with her, and allowed her to compete! Why did India say
no? India says no money to send her to Deaflympics!



— testing athletes’ deafness

over 3,000 deaf athletes are now at the Deaflympics. They must have
a hearing loss of 55dB or higher in the better ear. Do some athletes
cheat on their deafness? Yes, some do. There is a group of professional
audiologists that will randomnly test five percent of these athletes
(around 150 of them) for their deafness. When asked to be tested, these
athletes cannot avoid or run away or hide from audiologists!



— why no captions on one TV news program?

In Tulsa, a TV news program was not captioned. Why?
A bad storm wrecked the captioning equipment. This is what
the TV station manager told the deaf community. The TV
people have been trying to fix the captioning equipment but
it takes some time.



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