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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 26, 2013

— a nice comment by a blue collar deaf man

William Hallada, Greenfield, WI, passed away at the age of 96
last week. He worked for nearly 40 years as a machinist for
a factory that built forklifts, trucks and loaders. While much
younger he was active hearing people – bowling, horse shoes,
fast pitch softball, and basketball in Port Washington.
He said – “I made many hearing friends through playing sports”.
Port Washington is a small town of about 10,000 people. For
him, sports was a way to mingle with and to know the hearing.
Growing up, he attended Wisconsin School for the Deaf.



— very easy to turn on open captioned movie!

We all love theater open captioned movies and we all hate
theater closed captioned movies (captioned glasses). It
is very easy to turn on open captioned movie. All it
needs is a special open caption option key from the
movie studio. That easy? Yes, but movie houses won’t do it.



— a hearing midwife tried to get a deaf midwife fired!

Louise Westwood, not deaf, and a midwife, filed a formal
complaint against a deaf midwife that worked at the Cotswold
Maternity Unit in Chipping Norton in Great Britain. Westwood
said the deaf midwife was careless in her work with the
mothers and newborn children. After hearing both sides in
a court room, the judge in favor of the deaf midwife, and she
kept her job. Westwood is very angry about it.





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