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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 27, 2013

— Google Glass – is it ready for captions?

Is the Google Glass ready for captions right now?
No, but possibly in the future. Google Glass is so new
that it may require Google engineers more time to
make more improvements on it. Right now, the cost
is $1,500 – which is too expensive just to watch



— Reading and the deaf

A team of researchers from University of New Mexico said
the deaf people have a hard time reading because reading
itself is a “new language” – and not because deaf cannot
hear sounds. Is this correct? Don’t know! There are many
hearing people that love to read; also many hearing
people that hate to read; again also many hearing people
cannot read at all! The same goes for the deaf!



— The Ultimate Fighter – new Fox TV series

The Fox TV network is coming up with a new TV program – called
The Ultimate Fighter. There will be 32 fighters on the program.
One of the fighters is Lee Sandmeier. He is deaf and comes from
Knoxville, Iowa (not Tennessee). Before winning a spot on the TV
program, he had 9 fights and won them all in the Mixed Martial
Arts competition. The program starts on September 4th.





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