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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 28, 2013

— a deaf dancer in TV dancing competition

Shaheem Sanchez, a deaf resident of Sacramento, California,
took part on the TV program – “Family Dance Off” aired on ABC
last week. He did not win.



— a very deaf-unfriendly restaurant in Las Vegas?

Is Capo’s Italian Steakhouse in Las Vegas the nation’s
most deaf-unfriendly restaurant? Hearing people entering
the restaurant must knock on the door and speak through the
voice speaker with the restaurant manager to be allowed
to enter. Why the knock on the door? High crime everywhere?
No! The restaurant uses the pre-1933 prohibition era secret
underground speakeasy as a theme. Not very convenient for
the deaf that want to taste these famous steaks!



— what happens if too many deaf people watch a movie?

What is going to happen if too many deaf people watch a
movie at Regal Cinemas in Lancaster (Pennsylvania). The
theater office has eight Captioning glasses. What happens
if the 9th deaf person shows up, and all the glasses have
been taken? Regal would probably say “it has never happened
that all eight glasses were taken” but one can never know!





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