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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 29, 2013

— a famous movie comedian hired a deaf person

Bill Murray, a well known movie actor/comedian, once
hired a deaf person as his personal assistant. It was
during the filming of the Groundhog Day, a 1993 comedy.
Bill knew no ASL and the deaf person only communicated
in ASL. Why was this happening? Bill, during the 1993
filming, was angry because of his bitter divorce. He was
ordered to hire a personal assistant. Shocking everyone
he hired a deaf person for no reason.


— a country that has no sign language!

Does Cambodia, an Asian nation, have sign language?
It is listed in the Wikipedia as having sign language,
but Charles Dittmeier, a priest that works with the
deaf, says there is no sign language. He is working
with Cambodian people to create a new sign language.
It is not easy because there are no deaf schools, no
deaf organizations and no deaf agencies! In other
words, no Deaf Cambodian culture!


— A deaf contestant on TV quiz show wins $33,000

Clare Napier, a deaf London woman, was on the British’s
Deal or No Deal TV quiz show, and won $33,000 (USA dollars).
She had a choice to go for $155,000, but decided to play it
safe and accept $33,000. She said the money will go towards
deposit on a house that she and her family wanted to buy.
She was a past member of the British women’s Deaflympics
soccer team that won a medal at Melbourne.




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