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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 30, 2013

— deaf bulldozer drivers

Years ago a deaf magazine ran a story of a deaf bulldozer
driver. This week the Wall Street Journal said there is a
serious shortage of bulldozer drivers. Could young deaf men
drive bulldozers with training with interpreters? A deaf civil
engineer, who has worked on many construction sites said – yes,
there are opportunities for young deaf machine operators;
they will hit obstacles but they will succeed if they are good;
in good economy employers are forced to hire anyone to meet
labor demands



— deaf wrestler among the best in world in pro wrestling!

Louis Long, a deaf man, who wrestles professionally under
the name of Silent Warrior, has been named 495th best
wrestler in the world by the Pro Wrestling Illustrated.
Growing up he attended and graduated from St Mary’s
School for the Deaf. How big is he? – 6’2 and 220 lbs.
He wrestles with his mask on, never taking it off.
He gets very angry when people tell him pro wrestling
is fake. His real job, when not wrestling, is a culinary
chef with the First Niagara Center.



— audism fails again

Every year the people that work with dictionaries, especially
the Oxford Dictionary Online, will review new words and
new phrases to become official dictionary words. This week
Audism did not make it again. Audism, as a word, was invented
in 1975 – yet for 38 years, the dictionary people have
continued to reject it!





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