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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 25, 2013

— a bad captioning suggestion

A lawsuit has been filed against University of Maryland
for not captioning their scoreboards at their two arenas –
the Comcast and Byrd fieldhouses. University of Maryland
said scoreboard captions are NOT important because fans
can use their tablets or smartphones to catch the mobile
captions. It is a sick suggestion – fans cannot watch the
small captions on their devices and watch the game at the
same time. Also, wifi and satellite connections are often
up and down in indoor facilities anywhere, including



— famous deaf musician Evelyn Glennie’s biggest fear

Evelyn Glennie, a deaf percussionist, is one of the world’s
most famous musicians. She cannot hear music, but feels
the vibrations on her bare feet while playing the
instruments. What is her biggest fear? That she would
feel the different vibrations and then play the instruments
with wrong beats, thus confusing the audience!



— making fun on Facebook of a woman’s deafness

Kevin Hector, a Briton, was arrested for making fun on
Facebook of a woman’s deafness. The court decided that
he will not go to jail – but instead – must perform
100 hours of community service within six months.
If he does not finish the service, he will go to jail.
Also, he was fired from his job. The deaf woman did not
know that she was posted on Facebook until her friends
told her about it.





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