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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 26, 2013


— the weirdest deaf discrimination lawsuit!

The weirdest deaf discrimination lawsuit or the
World’s Dumbest Deaf Criminal or both? A deaf
man wanted to rob a bank. The teller, knowing
he was deaf, got him into a slow and careful
conversation. The slowness allowed the police
to arrive to arrest him. The angry deaf bank
robber then filed a lawsuit against the bank
accusing it of discrimination!



— A monkey apology by a past AgBell Executive Director

George Fellendorf, who passed away recently, served
AgBell as the executive director (1962-1978). What
was one of his last acts on the job before he resigned?
He wrote a letter of apology to the National Association
of the Deaf. Apology for what? The deaf president of
AgBell gave a speech at the convention, mocking
ASL signers, saying they were monkeys. Fellendorf,
very embarrassed about it, apologized on behalf of



— an update on Ashley Fiolek, past champion motocross racer

Ashley Fiolek, a 22 year old deaf woman, won five pro
national motocross racing championships. She was sponsored
by the Red Bull, a big energy drink company. Then last
year she announced that she would not be racing motocrosses
any more, wanting to move up to racing cars. A year later
– what is she doing right now? She says she is touring USA,
making personal appearances and giving motivational speeches.
Will she race again? Do not know!




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