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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 27, 2013


— “TDI” accused of fraud in a NFL & Super Bowl scam

“TDI” has been accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission
of fraud, cheating people out of millions of dollars in a scam
that was supposed to involve the NFL and the Super Bowl.
Our “TDI”? No, it is the Thought Development Inc. Our TDI
is Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc – a much respected
national organization which advocates our deaf access to
telecommunications (telephones, relays, captions, etc).



— a remarkable high ranking deaf vocational rehab official

We have many deaf vocational rehabilitation counselors. Many
years ago, there were very few until the hiring barriers
were cracked in the sixties and seventies. Who is the most
remarkable deaf counselor? It would be Vermont’s Will
Pendlebury. Not only he is deaf but he also has Usher syndrome!
Plus he may be the only known deaf counselor to serve as
regional manager. In Vermont, the state is divided into four
regional offices – and Will heads up one of these four regional
offices. Said an acquaintance “I do not know of any deaf
regional managers in any other states”



— Does Bollywood (India Hollywood) ignore deaf actors?

Bollywood is known as India Hollywood; their movies are
becoming very popular all over the world. A story said
that Bollywood helps create public awareness of the
deaf. Bollywood has produced these movies with deaf
characters – Koshish, Khamoshi, Black, Iqbal and
Barfi. All of these deaf roles were played by hearing
actors. How many deaf actors in these movies? Zero!
Discrimination? Yes.




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