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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 23, 2013

— Microsoft and Nokia help the deaf during taxi rides

In Dubai, there is a new taxi vehicle that will help
the deaf, thanks to software applications from
Microsoft and Nokia. Deaf passengers in the back of
the taxi will have a touchscreen. It helps make
taxi reservations, find out the fare, give directions
to the driver, tell driver to slow down, tell the
driver something, etc, etc.


— new discrimination at carry out restaurants

More restaurants discriminate against the deaf without
realizing they are discriminating! New checkout cash
registers do not have read-out display that tell us
the cost of the food order. Not funny if we try to
read the lips of the cashier – is she saying $6.16
or $16.16!

— long deaf 911 call versus short hearing 911 call

when a 911 call is made because of an emergency
the operator will ask for the name of the person,
the location of the call, the reason for the
call, plus few more questions. An emergency 911
center said it takes a deaf person seven times
longer than hearing to make an emergency call.
In other words, if it takes a hearing person
5 minutes; it may take the deaf person 35




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