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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 24, 2013

— a deaf push button design

Open Data Challenge Series is a contest in England where
contestants try to win the big money prize by designing
the best device to help the police solve crime. One of
the contestants is designing a device that allows the
deaf to alert the police of a crime – without using
the telephone. Pretty much looks like a deaf push
button. Just press on it, and the cops will come!


— the most popular deaf person lost the contest

DeafDigest mentioned that Justin LeBlanc, a
deaf man. competed on the Project Runway
TV reality show. It was learned that the
audience loved Justin; he was their most
popular contestant. Many of Justin’s fans
felt he was the favorite to win the Project
Runway. Unfortunately the judges didn’t agree!
In real life he teaches fashion at North Carolina
State University.

— the dumbest deaf comment by a politician

Politicians often make dumb comments. It is not
surprising because they love to give speeches
and from time to time they say something wrong
without thinking about it, and when that happens
it gets embarrassing. The worst deaf comment
by a politician was Carty Finkbeiner, former
mayor of Toledo, Ohio. He suggested that deaf
people buy homes near the Toledo Airport, thinking
airplane noise will not bother them!




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