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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 25, 2013

— how will Google Glass help the deaf?

Google Glass helping the deaf? Watching movie captions?
Possibly, but there is another way that people are saying
the Glass will help the deaf. It is supposed to read faces
of hearing people. If Google light flashes green, it means
hearing person is interested in you. If light flashes
yellow, it means hearing person is confused about you.
If light flashes red, it means hearing person is bored
with you! But what about hearing person that has no
facial expressions? Glass also is supposed to convert
hearing’s speech to text. Will it work if hearing person
has a heavy accent? There is so much about Glass that no
one really knows what it will do and what it will not do.


— a Deaf Song in Korea

There was a short story that DeafDigest does not believe
it. The story said that a group of students from the
Chungju Sungshim School for the Deaf sang the Korean
national anthem before a baseball game was to start.
Did the students actually sing the national anthem
with their deaf voices that hearing people do not
understand. Or did the writer mean sign-singing or

— a “lucky” deaf criminal no longer lucky!

In Massachusetts, a deaf criminal had his case dismissed
by the judge. Why? Because he wanted a speedy trial,
which was impossible because of lack of interpreters!
Lucky deaf criminal? Yes, but his luck turned bad –
because the the higher court ruled that the judge
was wrong for dismissing the case! As a result, the
deaf man has to face trial. Speaking of lack of
interpreters, this is strange since Massachusetts
has many interpreters.




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