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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 22, 2013


— a dream weekend for deaf NFL fans (with a group picture)

Deaf fans and hearing fans root for their favorite
NFL teams. A group of deaf fans had a dream weekend,
a stadium tour, visiting the team dressing room,
sitting in the team conference room, sitting in
the suite seats – all that with an interpreter!
Also a private luncheon with Mark Murphy, Green Bay
Packers’ CEO/President. It took place on September 15th
when Packers defeated Washington Redskins, 38-20 at
the Lambeau Field. Vaughn Hallada, a rabid Packers
fan and Woody Boxer, rabid Redskins fan, made this
possible. A group of 20 deaf fans from all over USA,
flew to Green Bay to enjoy the weekend. Included in
the group were four members of Gallaudet’s 1971
legendary Dirty Thirty football team.


a group picture is at:


— a deaf opera singer learning to speak and hear at age 12?

There is a story that David Serero, a popular worldwide
opera singer, was born deaf. And that after so many
operations, he finally learned how to speak and to hear
at the age of 12. Do we believe it? Normally at age of 12,
it is too late for a deaf child to learn to hear and speak
perfectly. Maybe the writer was exaggerating this newspaper

— finally – closed captions on airline flights!

Southwest Airlines will start showing closed captioned
video programs in early 2014. This announcement was made
in today’s news. It was felt that the aircraft people
were “waiting” for the first airline to show captions,
before they will “follow” with their own captions!
It is about time because FCC said in 2006 that all
airlines must show captions, yet all airlines gave
excuses for avoiding captions – until now – the
Southwest Airlines. Other airlines – Emirates,
Swiss, Lufthansa and Virgin Australia said they will
show captions on some, not all, flights.




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