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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 25, 2013

— two big career changes for an ASL interpreter

Deborah Gilboa was a former stage manager of Deaf West
Theater in Los Angeles. This was her first career.
Moving to Pittsburgh, she became ASL interpreter.
This was her 2nd career. She is now into her third
career – as ASL-signing physician! She works at the
Squirrel Hill Health Center in Pittsburgh and has
about 100 deaf patients. How important is interpreting
for deaf patients? She said that handwritten notes
is not sufficient!



— deaf person studying for MA in Cartoon Studies

A program in Cartoon Studies offering a MA for its
graduates! A joke? No. There is a Center for Cartoon
Studies in Hartford, Vermont (not Connecticut).
Carlisle Robinson, a Gallaudet graduate, is a MA
student at that program. Why Cartoon Studies?
Her goal is to work with comics, combining ASL
with English as a new way to help the deaf to
learn better.



— a lucky deaf criminal?

Peter Drinnan, a deaf criminal from Scotland, is
a lucky person! He was arrested for vandalism and
for sending abusive text messages. After two days
in the lock up, the judge had to release him,
and he is a free man! Why? Because a sign language
interpreter could not be found for him after two
days of looking around for one!




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