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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 26, 2013


— one of Kentucky’s best buildings

The Kentucky Educational Television asked Kentuckians
to vote for their best buildings. One of the winning
buildings is the Jacobs Hall Museum. What is so special
about that building? It is the most famous building
in the state, exhibiting Civil War history. Where is
that building? In Danville, on the campus of Kentucky
School for the Deaf! This museum is open to the public,
especially for those that are interested in Civil War.


— Our ASL interpreters joining an union?

DeafDigest editor received an email from an interpreter,
saying she is a member of the ASL Interpreters Union.
Interpreters complaining about working conditions
and talking about forming an union are not old issues.
These issues were discussed in the past – but ASL
Interpreters Union? A google search revealed that
Pacific Media Workers Guild represents a group of
interpreters, but not all interpreters.


— operation for a deaf child canceled because of cruel reason

A deaf child was scheduled for an operation at Seattle’s
Children’s Hospital. The child was born without ears and
without eardrums. The operation was supposed to fix it.
But it was canceled. Why? The family’s car was stolen.
After few days of waiting, the car could not be found.
The family needed the car to drive from Tacoma to Seattle
for that operation. DeafDigest feels bad about it and
hopes there is a way for the family to get the car and for
the operation to take place.




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